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  1. General
    Took a while but finally, Ninja Boy is broken in and had the dealer's "first service" (what a joke BTW) and is ready to roll on some serious rides. I did go up PCH to Zuma Beach last Sunday and gave it a quick jump on the freeway to see how it handled some higher speeds. Bike seemed to...
  2. Introduction
    I finally got to this forum via the Motorcycle app. I assumed that once I registered for the Kawi forums that my login would work here as well. Why don't they make it more clear that the forums they advertise have nothing to do with their own forum? I still am working on posting pics. That's the...
  3. Introduction
    What's up guys! I recently got myself a 2009 250r. It's my first bike and it's so much fun to drive! The weather has been great lately so I've been able ride and practice. I look forward to becoming an active member of this forum. Ride safe everyone!
  4. New Riders
    Hey guys, i finally got a bike today, its a black 09' 250R. Was the only color that was available and the last one at the dealer so i think i was lucky. Too bad here in NY its getting cold already so im gonna put it away. I need to winterize it but im not sure that i know all that needs to...
  5. New Riders
    Hey guys, finally after waiting for 3 months, my scheduled BRC is tomorrow and sunday. I'm really excited to go and hope i do well! I also plan to get the 250R new, so any tips on how to deal with the dealer? Thanks guys :)
  6. New Riders
    So after a little delay I got my 250 this morning. Brought it in, tried to start it and nothing... oh boy! Went inside to get user's manual and in the pictures I see the engine cutoff. Silly me, I never turned that. So I go out again and try to start it; this time the engine turns but it doesn't...
1-6 of 6 Results