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  1. The New Ninja 250
    I have a stock 2010 ninja 250I have been looking on eBay for pod filters and see tons between 30mm 32 34 36 38 and so on I want to know what siZe will fit I want to run Dual pod filters Also will I have to rejet or do any carb mods? I also just ordered an exhaust full header back system...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    Alright, I have the 2011 250, and I'm looking to get the Jardine Gp1 full exhaust. Now I've read that I don't need to re jet it off a couple posts on here, is that true? I'm probably going to get the full system and K&N filter at the same time, which will need a re jetting, that I know. If I...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    This is a list of available air filters for the Ninja 250R. This may not be an exhaustive list. Feel free to post others that you may know of or use. Drop-in Type OEM Kawasaki Air Filter- Kawasaki P/N: 11013-0020 WIX- P/N: 49721 This is a dual stage foam filter that can replace the...
  4. Classic Ninja 250
    I have a 03 EX250 iam plaining on removing the air box for instalation of pod filters. Anyone know the pro and cons of doing this?
  5. Modifications
    Hi, I'm new to motorcycles and want to do some cheap/free mods. Also, i don't know much about how motorcycle works and have a lot of quesitions. I'm hoping some of the veterans/experienced guys here will take a few minutes out to explain it. I'd really appreciate it :) What exactly is...
  6. Classic Ninja 250
    Can I replace the air box with air filters? -Joseph
  7. Modifications
    Hey guys. I'm going to have to rejet my bike soon due to a lean condition. I figure since I'm going to rejet anyway, I'm thinking about putting in a k&n air filter in my bike. I want to know mostly drawbacks of this modification. Past experiences are welcomed. Just to avoid a flurry of "what...
  8. The New Ninja 250
    In case you can't find the OEM filters, below are some other filters that will fit. OEM Kawasaki: 16099-003 K&N: KN-401 Fram: CH6012 Yamaha: 36Y-13441-00 Honda: 15410-426-010 Honda: 15410-300-024
1-8 of 8 Results