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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    I'm trying to understand whether or not the Uni air filter is a replacement for the entire air cleaner assembly, or if I still need to use the crappy assembly that comes with the OEM filter. Mainly cuz I can only find one of the sides to the OEM assembly.
  2. Classic Ninja 250
    What do you think about this K&N for the Ninja 250E-F models? Does this actually take the place of the airbox? I found this on eBay for $62.80, and it looks like an alternative to pods... which, as I have read, mess with the CV carbs we all have. Anyone have an opinion on this filter? Or, does...
  3. Technical
    After changing oil for first time and riding after that for couple weeks I've discovered a hole in the bottom next to oil filter. (marked red on the photo) Is it suppose to be like that or I lost drain plug? If second, how bad is that, what should I do, what is replacement part number?
  4. Classic Ninja 250
    Okay, so after some thinking about I decided to go to a reusable oil filter. The brand that seemed to stand apart was FLO OIL FILTERS, by PC RACING retail price $59.95 USD. The following is from their webpage Superior Filtration: This should be the last oil filter you will ever buy! Made...
  5. Technical
    Disclaimer: I am by no means "mechanically inclined" and relatively new to motorcycle ownership. That being said, I need your help. I took out the air filter to see if it needed to be cleaned or replaced but was not prepared for what I found. The air filter smelled and appeared to be...
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm not going to have time to install these two so I'm planning on selling them. The jet kit has been opened, but its never been used and the filter is still in its original packaging. K&N R-0990 ($30 shipped) Factory Pro CRB-K04-3.0 ($65 shipped) Get both ($90 shipped)
  7. The New Ninja 250
    Review: Hurricane Racing Performance Air Filter for the ’08-’12 Ninja 250 A few weeks ago, I received an email Hurricane Racing Co. Ltd. about their new air filters. Here is a small excerpt from the email. "....The difference between our filters and other brands is that we are using...
  8. South West
    I Have purchase recently 2nd hand 2008 250 r form E-bay. I want to replace its stock air filter. Full Face Helmets
  9. Modifications
    hi folks. i recently bought a 2nd hand 2008 250r from a friend and iam loving it. i wish to put on a stock replacement high flow air filter. ive used k&n on other bikes but have decided to try BMC with this bike. http://www.bmcairfilters.com/standard-bike-filters/fm551-04_d737_5.aspx my...
  10. Modifications
    ok so i have a full jardine gp1 exhaust, and k&n air filter. the snorkel is still installed.. i knw some people have said that shouldnt ride it until i get the jet kit. well i was wondering if i can just install the stock air filter for right now so i can ride until i get the jet kit done...
  11. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hey guys, I bought this bike with an intent to fix it but some finacial problems came up. I parted it out locally in CA and I still have a few parts left over. All prices include shipping. Tank: $250 Carbs: $150 Petcock: $20 K&N air filters: $45 **NEW NEVER INSTALLED** K&N oil filter: $10 **NEW**
  12. Maintenance
    Oil type: API SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ or SL with JASO MA. Viscosity : SAE 10W-40 Capacity: 1.4 qt, or 1.7qt when filter is also replaced. Oil drain bolt: 14.5lb-ft Oil filter mounting bolt: 14.5lb-ft Oil screen mounting bolts: 7.25lb-ft (87lb-in) Frequency: According to the service manual, it's...
  13. General
    I can't do my oil change without my oil filter out. It won't budge taking out that screw holding the filter. I was wondering if there was anyone around who can stop by Pomona, Diamond Bar, WAlnut, Brea, or Fullerton to help me take it out. It just won't budge and I'm currently at 5,600 miles.
1-13 of 13 Results