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  1. Technical
    Hi, I was driving to work as usual and passed a car while going downhill, carried on engine braking down the rest of the hill then when I came to the flat, there was no acceleration from the throttle. Engine was running fine but no response from the throttle. I pulled over and tried...
  2. Introduction
    Hi everyone! One of my header bolts broke off into the engine block while I was trying to take off the exhaust. Does anyone know the actual name of the bolts, where to find them and the specs? I just got my exhaust system and want to slap that on as soon as possible.\ Thanks ya'll
  3. Technical
    Hi Folks, nice to be here. I'm in a desperate state after owning this '07 250R since last summer it started to make an awful sound from the engine area which I recorded an audio clip of, taken while the bike was stationary. The sound comes and goes but it is embarassing and sucks the joy out...
  4. Technical
    My engine ticks at idle and has trouble starting up. Does anybody recognize the sound?
  5. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey All, I have a 2004 Ninja 250 that has been sitting for over two years. I am about to Cafe´it with a Blue Collar Bobber kit. I have it apart and currently changing the oil, replacing the air filter with a K&N, replacing all fuel lines, bleeding the brakes, replacing clutch fluid, cleaning...
  6. Technical
    If I let go of the clutch about an inch short of fully releasing it, which is how far I have to let it go in order to move the vehicle at all, let the vehicle move forward slowly for five seconds or so, then I can fully release the clutch without the engine dying and speed up. But if I let it go...
  7. General
    My 2012 Ninja starts but DOES NOT stay on. I have cleaned the carburetor, change the fuel valve, changed the spark plugs, changed the oil, played with the idle button. But it still doesn't stay on. Anyone? Thanks for your valuable opinion.
  8. Technical
    My 2012 Ninja starts but DOES NOT stay on. I have cleaned the carburetor, change the fuel valve, changed the spark plugs, changed the oil, played with the idle button. But it still doesn't stay on. Anyone? Thanks for your valuable opinion.
  9. Technical
    hi everyone, I own a used 2010 250r with 22k miles on it. Im the 3rd owner and it it fantastic. I am having a concern however. Ive had the bike for about a year and it seems to run great. Ive done 2 oil changes and cleaned the trap (no metal in it at all). My issue is at 8k rpm the bike...
  10. News
    See the Top 10 Motorcycle Engine Configurations at Motorcycle.com.
  11. Technical
    Hi there I have an 88 ninja 250 with a blown engine. I found a 86 engine but I dont know if it will fit/ line up with the bolt holes. Also will the 86 engine work with the 88 wiring?
  12. Modifications
    So this girl ended up just giving me her 250cc ninja cause it broke down. Turns out her rods came loose in the engine. Im looking to get it back up and running but i dont really want to put a new 250 engine in it. Does anyone know if i can fit a bigger engine in it? Like a 450 or a 600? And...
  13. Introduction
    Hello all I just got myself a 2012 Ninja 250R!!! Stepped up from a 69CL175 havin a blast!!! Just wanted to come here and introduce myself to the community and what not.....also had a few questions!!! if somebody could answer these itd be much appreciated!! What is the difference between the JCF...
  14. General
    I am Afraid my 1997 250r Ninja has met its demise. I originally purchased it in 2002 as a starter bike for my wife so we could join group rides together with groups from Bay Area Riders Forum. It's been ridden for commute by the entire family, track days, at Thunder Hill and the Infineon now...
  15. Technical
    So I've tried everything I can think of and the next step is taking it to a mechanic and getting bent over. Any ideas or input is appreciated. Here is the problem described as best and concisely as I can followed by a link to a video of the bike in it's current state. 2007 Ninja 250 3500 miles...
  16. Modifications
    Is there any chance anyone on here has the dimensions of the engine from any 250R and where the mounts are exactly? Failing that, does anyone know where would be a better place to ask? I'm part of an engineering club and we need to create a model of a vehicle using a donor engine from a Kawasaki...
  17. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Selling a 2009 250 Ninja motor, it is from a written off bike, engine has about 6500 kms, it is still in the chassis and can be heard running. I have ridden it and it runs fine, shifts well. I am hoping to sell within Canada to reduce paperwork required but will consider sending to the US...
  18. Technical
    HI all, Thank goodness for this forum. I have a 2009 NINJA 250R, 6K miles, no modifications. I hope to give you as much details as possible. Service History: Got the bike used at about 4000 miles. Flushed and replaced the coolant at about 4500 miles. After i passed the 5500 miles i noticed...
1-18 of 37 Results