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  1. Technical
    So this will probably end of in a large wall of text so please bear with me. About a month ago I got my 2009 Ninja 250R out from storage and brought it down to my university which is about a 3 hour ride. Everything went fine and she started right up after I got her out of storage. Well that...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    All prices include shipping inside the US. I am pricing these off the cheapest price I find on ebay. I have two sets of carbs straight off a good running bike with no issues. Come with boots. $100 Ea. Engine flywheel Rotor complete with ZERO damage $75 Regulator/Rectifier $20...
  3. Technical
    On my 2007 ninja 250 the turn signal bulb is out. I replaced the bulb and even switched it with the other side (front turn signal) and still won't work. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem that might narrow down the troubleshooting.
  4. Technical
    Hi all, My '06 has some gremlins in the electrics and I'm kinda stumped. I've got a fresh new battery but and when I put my meter on the solenoid poles, with the ignition off, I get a steady 12.8v. Switched on, it instantly drops to ~1.3v and I'm getting nothing to light up on the instrument...
  5. Technical
    :nono2Greetings! I purchased my third Ninja 250 (a 1999) a few months back for $500 as a non-running project bike. The previous owner was young, dumb, and broke and couldnt afford to get the bike running. Him and his friend spent hours with the damn thing and they couldnt get a spark out of...
  6. Off Topic
    what does it mean when the fuse top row second from the left keeps blowing? if anyone could send me a service manual or just a picture of the fuse box diagram that would help a bundle! thanks
  7. Introduction
    The bike just died while i was riding it! Its a 2000 ninja 250, the only light that will turn on is the speedometer light nothing else works. The engine turns over when i bump start it but wont spark. How do I figure out what is wrong?
  8. Technical
    I have a 95 250 motor a voltage regulator and ignition module no harness! please help me identify the connections on the ignition module to rewire my bike. All info taken. Photos may help
  9. Technical
    I got it done today so please delete this thread. Thanks guys Hey guys today i got my bike home and got her going, done the oil change and oil filter last week. So i fnally get her going cuz its freezing here in canada but i read online here i think that this bike iust struggles in the cold...
1-9 of 9 Results