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  1. Technical
    So bike won't start. It'll crank up and start but when I try to turn the choke up it runs for a second then dies out. Read here that I needed to drain the float bowls in the carb so i hooked up a hose to the float drain, turned the tap, and out comes the gas. It looked slightly green but what...
  2. Technical
    I just bought my 2007 250 which has been sitting for over a year (or more). I took the gas tank off and drained it. The fuel smelled more like paint thinner than gasoline. I need to drain the carb float bowls. Does anyone know about the procedure?
  3. Maintenance
    Hi, I am a newbie, but I want to store my '09 250R properly for the winter. I would like to ask what is the easiest way to drain the float bowls for this bike? Will I need to remove the lower fairings for sure? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results