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  1. News
    Clymer Manuals are an ideal addition to your DIY motorcycle repair kit. Learn More: 5 Reasons To Use a Professional Manual for DIY Motorcycle Repair Motorcycles are often ridden as a hobby or passion on special trips and voyages and are typically used to unwind and relax on the open road...
  2. Modifications
    First post yay :) Ok guys, I have a ninja 250 2011. Bought new, been 2 years i have it. The moment I left the shop with it I liked it... Until the first long ride. At about 50 km i would die to a pit stop that god awful wooden seat from hell. So I did some research a chose a Saddleman gel...
  3. Classic Ninja 250
    Before After Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  4. Modifications
    The July 2011 issue of Motorcyclist mag installed a set of Woodcraft Technologies Clip-ons with bars made exclusively for the 08-11 Ninja 250R. I thought you'd all like to see some pics before you spent $190 (including shipping) on a set for yourself. I wanted black bars, they also have chrome...
  5. The New Ninja 250
    Does someone have a DIY for HID installation on a 2008-2010 Ninja 250? I am new to the forum and am having a little trouble navigating and searching so any help is appreciated! Thank you.
  6. Maintenance
    Hello, Welcome to the 250R.net 2008 Ninja 250R DIY oil change thread. We are going to do a step by step oil change to show you guys that are a little sceptical about doing it yourself that it really is a simple project. But first to cover the intervals: You are fine to just go ahead and...
1-6 of 6 Results