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  1. News
    Read more about What’s The Difference Between Rake And Trail? at Motorcycle.com.
  2. Modifications
    I just got my 250 and the person before me had dropped the bike. It has cracked and broke the fairing right at the blinkers on both sides. I want to fix it but not sure what to buy? I know nothing about fairings, so can some one explain to me the options I have and the difference between them...
  3. General
    iv'e got an 01 ex250 and just picked up another, an 05. both bikes look identical except the 01 has a 14k red line and the 05 has a 12k red line. is there a thread giving the specs for the different years. guess i have a jones for 250's, my last bike was a wr250x, loads of fun.
  4. Modifications
    I'm been doing a lot of research on which exhaust system is the best for the Ninja 250r. I read that the Area P and the one from Japan Totobuso makes the most HP before a jet kit. I read the Kawi forum that the Area P without a jet kit makes close to 30hp and a Yoshi with a jet kit makes a...
  5. General
    Is there a noticable difference in power from the pre2008 Ninja 250s and the new ones?
1-5 of 5 Results