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  1. Maintenance
    I recently fell off my bike, it's a 2009 250 (not sure if it's an r) and am just now getting around to fixing it. When I try to turn it on I have to hold the start button for a few seconds until it gets to a comfortable idle or else it just shuts off. Under full choke it still idles very low and...
  2. Technical
    If I let go of the clutch about an inch short of fully releasing it, which is how far I have to let it go in order to move the vehicle at all, let the vehicle move forward slowly for five seconds or so, then I can fully release the clutch without the engine dying and speed up. But if I let it go...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    Well last time I started the bike and it ran for a like a half a mile and it died on the next stop sing. Granted it felt down on power and it wasn't responding very readily. So I loaded it on the truck and took it home. My initial thought was that the filter is bad, so I took it out and it was...
  4. Technical
    The bike starts fine in 1st gear and Neutral. I can use the throttle to up the RPMs when in Neutral or with clutch pulled in (I've tested up to 6k RPM). After I shift to 1st and release the clutch to the friction zone, the bike dies almost immediately (within 3 feet). The 5 min prior to this...
  5. Technical
    My 2002 250R will run for about ten minutes and then it dies and it won't start again for a couple hours. When it is getting close to dying it runs very poorly and sounds like a lawn mower. I tried to clean the gas tank vent with a wire but I'm not sure I did it very well. That didn't fix the...
  6. Classic Ninja 250
    If i apply any choke my bike dies? Also sometimes the idle will jump from 1300ish rpms to 5000+ rpms and stay, so I turn the idle back down and it eventually dies. (Sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after 15+ minutes.) It use to do this once a day now its all the time. It died on me a few...
  7. Technical
    The bike runs fine until it gets warmed up. Then it dies everytime I let off the throttle... It did it today after driving about 10-15 miles. I let off the throttle and squeezed the clutch to downshift coming up on a red light and when I stopped, the bike was off. (I nv released the clutch...
  8. Technical
    hey guys, brand new to this forum and to the bike world. i bought a 01 ninja 250 a couple months back and lately been having issues, i was riding home when the bike just stalled out and couldnt get it started again, i popped it up on the sidewalk and put the kick stand on and oil just started...
  9. Technical
    New to this site but just picked up a 1987 ninja 250 project Have changed plugs new fuel filter all new fluids and filters. Bike starts right up idles at 1300 rpm can rev up but seems to lack quick
  10. Off Topic
    God damnit, not another one. Guess who's next :(
  11. Off Topic
    So sad. He was such a great actor. Oceans 11, 12 and 13 ftw.
1-11 of 11 Results