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  1. Modifications
    I ordered a Danmoto Carbon GP slip on, and i know a lot of people have them, so i was wondering how necessary it would be to just rejet the stock carb, i do all my own work so if a rejet is nedded does anyone have a good how to video on a rejet?
  2. Modifications
    Hello all, I am doing this for those of us that are not able to spend 300-500 on exhaust. I have only been riding a very short time and wasn't able to find many reviews on this brand of exhaust. The reviews I have read didn't often review the exhaust every "x" amount of miles. So, I...
  3. Modifications
    I have heard really good things about the danmoto jisu and titanium and I have heard really bad things about this pipe. I have pusrchased the jisu cause of my current budget and plan to get something nicer in the future. So far the customer service is good. I ordered it on the 21st and is due...
  4. Modifications
    I recently put a danmoto slip-on on my ninja. Starting it cold, I noticed dripping coming from where it slips on the exhaust. Could this be a problem or just condensation?
  5. The New Ninja 250
    Just purchased a danmoto exhaust. Should be in by Friday. Super excited. Pics coming soon Sent from my SGH-T989 using Motorcycle.com App
1-5 of 5 Results