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  1. Maintenance
    I recently bought my first bike on craigslist as a project bike. It was sitting outside on the street for a year, so I emptied the tank, put on new plugs and got new fuel in it. It turned over, but won't start unless you spray a bit of starter fluid in the intake. After it got warmed up for a...
  2. The New Ninja 250
    Hey guys, new to bikes... Took off the fairings to give my 08 ninja 250r a look at and stuff and saw an open pipe hose near the coolant tank. Just wanted to know what that was and if that was in the right place lol
  3. Technical
    My coolant lvl is getting pretty low, i have a 02 ninja 250. Wanted to know what coolant is okay to use on my ninja, also if i should drain it if im adding any.
  4. Technical
    I just bought the bike, I knew it had a "water leak" but when I went to change the oil, coolant, and thick milkshake flows. Figured I needed a ahead gasket, but how do I purge all the crud out? And what other things should I do? Still new to this model and brand. ns.
  5. Technical
    Hey, my bike is leaking coolant into crank case. I just put water in radiator and after about 20 min the oil in sight glass is milky and it also fills over flow bottle and leaks on the ground. I don't know if water pump seal is bad or the head gasket is blown. The bike is 06 with 7,000 mi. I...
  6. Classic Ninja 250
    Don't have the book can't find online. What oil and coolant do I need for a 1989 Ninja? -Joseph
  7. New Riders
    Hey guys I ran into a bit of trouble... I've run a search on the site and couldn't find much on it. After riding for a good while I stopped at a gas station to heard bubbling coming from the Radiator reservoir. followed by some coolant leakage on the ground...ok, I topped the reservoir to the...
1-7 of 7 Results