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  1. Introduction
    Its 10:37 pm and I just wanted to say hi to all the awesome people on this forum! I just found this app that brought me to this sweet forum. I've been reading all the post from all you guys and girls and it really help me alot! I bought my first motorcycle last week and it's a sweet 07 kawasaki...
  2. Introduction
    I guess I'm supposed to do some sort of intro so I'll do my best. I'm from SC and I love to ride. I got my bike just about a year ago and she's my baby. I'm also a professional pizza slave/ grinder jockey at bellacino's where I make my gas money.
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Well, I am bummed out but it was fun while it lasted. I made my wife promise me that she would make me buy another one when the time was right! Here is my ad posted on craigslist dallas. http://dallas.craigslist.org/sdf/mcy/1466028856.html
1-3 of 4 Results