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  1. Technical
    When my bike is cold , below 60 deg, it takes maybe 10 or more tries to start it and keep it going. And when it does finally start it sounds almost as if only one cylinder is running until it warms a bit. Approximately 30-45 seconds. Full choke on. The valves were adjusted recently. Once it's...
  2. General
    Probably this question has been asked many times but I could not find an exact answer. I have 2011 ninja 250r. I am living in Kentucky so the weather is cold. When I try to run it 20-30 degree F it wont start because it has cold nature. What part should I change to easily run it that cold...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    Hi guys I started my bike this morning it started fine even tho it was -3 (that's low for the UK) I let it warm up as normal put the stand up and it cut out as I put the bike in to gear it done this a couple of times. I worked out it was the stand cut out switch on the stand so I put de ICER on...
  4. The New Ninja 250
    Hi guys I have a 2012 ninja 250 which I have owned for nearly a year and I have clocked up 6500 miles I have a Beowulf slip on exhaust. In the last couple of weeks it has been revving really high when cold! It ticks over fine then all of a sudden it flies up to about 6000 revs and sits ther...
  5. General
    Anyone have any recommendations for a good pair of cold weather gloves that are affordable? Droid Bionic
  6. General
    I don't know about ne 1 else but absolutely love riding in wet & cold weather.. How about you do you like riding like that? Hit me up with your thoughts Local forum Asshole!!!!
  7. Technical
    Hello to all. I purchased a 2000 Kawasaki EX 250 that had been sitting for 2 years. It ran when I got it, although not well, because the fuel was running out of the carbs like it had a stuck needle valve. After cleaning the carbs, the fuel leak was solved, but the engine misfires badly on the...
  8. Technical
    Is it normal that your bike has to sit for 20 mins at 40 degrees before you can rev it? Its bran new and i can not even move the bike when its 40 out with out letting it sit for 20 mins at idle.
  9. Technical
    After i changed the oil on the bike, I let it run for about 10 mins. I noticed that the air coming out of the exhaust was cold. Not cold cold, but about 72 degrees or so. I'm not sure what to make of it. Is this normal, or would this lead to motor problems down the line. I did the proper oil...
  10. General
    Just for shits and giggles went for a ride today while there was clear skies. The weather forecasts rain for the next five days starting this today. So got ready to ride and warmed up the bike which didn't take too long. As soon as we started to get out of the mostly populated part of the city...
  11. General
    What do you guys do to cover your legs from the cold? Oh, glove liners work wonder in protecting your hands from being frozen.
1-11 of 12 Results