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  1. Technical
    If I let go of the clutch about an inch short of fully releasing it, which is how far I have to let it go in order to move the vehicle at all, let the vehicle move forward slowly for five seconds or so, then I can fully release the clutch without the engine dying and speed up. But if I let it go...
  2. General
    a friend of mine has a hole in the side cover for the clutch, are they known to break there, or does it have a clutch problem? center of clutch and clutch rod. thanks joe.
  3. Technical
    Hi guys, new to the site name is Zach. I have a 2006 Ninja 250, my bike shifts pretty smooth, but the clutch doesn't engage until it's a hair past 3/4 of the way let out. I've heard this means that my clutch is going bad, or is pretty worn out. Is this true? I have a 90 day warranty on my bike...
  4. General
    Hi guys, new to the site. My name is Zach. New rider, just purchased a used 2006 ninja 250. The bike shifts relatively smoothly, but the clutch doesn't engage until it is 3/4 the way let out. I heard this means I will need a new clutch soon, is this correct?
  5. New Riders
    Hey guys! I just bought an 09 250. And it seems to be having some issues. I took it to a mechanic and was told that the front forks were leaking fluid onto the front brake rotor. I was also told that some thing is wrong with the clutch, because I had just bought and had them install a new clutch...
  6. Technical
    So I'm new to this groups so I sorry I'm I'm posting this in the wrong place but I was wondering if the new clutch and break leaver for the ninja 250s (08-14) would fit in my 07? I was really wanting a red set to match the color but all I can find in the way if colored ones were for te newer...
  7. New Riders
    Hi I have a 2010 ninja 250 and well I'm having troubles letting the clutch out cause it has so much play before it catches that it's hard to let it out slowly I have small hands so is there a way to adjust it? Thanks for the help in advance!
  8. Technical
    Hello, I have a 2009 ninja 250 and am new to motorcycles. I bought my bike used at 2900 miles and it's at about 3100 now. I noticed the bike would die when I went to put it into first gear and I thought it just needed to warm up a but more so i gave it about 15 minutes and the RPMs are under...
  9. Classic Ninja 250
    Noticed this right when I got to work work today. I need to be able to ride this home about 8 miles so I can get it into a shop to be fixed on Tuesday. Will I be okay? Any quick fixes? Here's a pic Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  10. Buy / Sell / Trade
    WTB: '08-'12 Shift & Clutch Levers! Just bought a '12 EX250 with only 100 miles that had fallen over in the driveway, need these in excellent / near perfect condition (both in black): Shift Lever - need only the actual lever, don't need the entire shift linkage / rod (I'm assuming I can just...
  11. Modifications
    I have a 2009 Ninja 250r and on the left side where my gear shifter it is at the same height or level as the foot rest for my left foot. It is kind of uncomfortable to shift up and down with it because I really need to pull up to shift up and have to move my foot a lot to down shift. My buddy...
  12. Technical
    Hi all, A little over a week ago I attempted to lube the clutch cable on my 2012 250R. This normally easy task (or so I read) has turned into a nightmare for me. Long story short, I completely buggered up the locknut and adjuster bolt that hold the clutch cable in place at the lever. It's all...
  13. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Red with purple in color, blown head gasket for the motor, but the bike other than the head gasket is fine. I have a full bike, except for the front cowling and the starter. Rims are perfect but tires are way to old to ride on. Let me know what parts you need and let's make a deal and get your...
  14. Technical
    A few days after having changed my oil, I noticed that my clutch stated fading... and it wasn't long before the cable broke. Now, I can replace the cable easily enough... just have to deal with a fairing screw that's got a stripped head :ohcrap ... but I noticed that the clutch lever on the...
  15. Classic Ninja 250
    I've got an 05 and just wondering if anyone else has noise issues or anything? 1 to 2 gear clang when I shift up and down Droid Bionic
  16. Classic Ninja 250
    I got an 05 ninja 250 with 9400 miles about a month ago, did a oil change a couple days ago vans now my clutch is shifting funny. Up shifting is a little clunky and some times down shifting it wants to stick. Any ideas? Droid Bionic
  17. Technical
    i had adjusted the nuts on the clutch cable on the engine side (not the handle end) to get the sweet spot closer to the middle instead of farther out, when i got on it today the sweet spot was back out away from the bike & the handle was very stiff. did i adjust in the wrong place? also my oil...
  18. Technical
    New to this site but just picked up a 1987 ninja 250 project Have changed plugs new fuel filter all new fluids and filters. Bike starts right up idles at 1300 rpm can rev up but seems to lack quick
  19. Technical
    hi everyone i know this may not be a maintenance issue or whatever but i'm in dire need of help. i dropped my bike tonight on its right side and it broke the front headlight and broke the tip of the right brake clutch. I'm so sad...are these replaceable??? If so how much do they cost? any...
1-19 of 19 Results