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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    So I pulled my carbs and cleaned them for the first time today, pain in the ass to pull them out with the stock airbox. Also shimmed the needles all went pretty well but I noticed a little pit in my carbs behind one of the butterflys should I look into new carbs? Droid Bionic
  2. Technical
    I bought a bike today that has been sitting for a year. It didn't have enough gas in it to test drive it. It kept stalling out when I tried to get drive it. I put a gallon of (stupid me) 87 octane in it followed by some carb cleaner and tried to ride it. It did better this time and let me drive...
  3. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey guys, the bike is getting sent to the shop for a carb cleaning an syncing. I've never had this done before and was wondering if anybody could ballpark me some prices. This way ill I know what to expect or if I being ripped off. Thanks for your time! Sent from my Motorcycle iPhone app
  4. Technical
    As I know, O-ring chains are self lubricated so additional lubing is often unecessary. You just need to keep it clean, general rule of thumb is about 500 miles. I know a lot of people will not touch their chain with WD40, but I use it on my old F4i and the chain lasted for over 18k miles before...
1-4 of 4 Results