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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    Do you have an old parts bike? Maybe a 250 racebike that you removed the blinkers? I just so happen to need a front left blinker and stalk. It seems my son is not really Valentino Rossi although he tried and he lowsided the bike in one the the ten curves we have in Florida. Now I am left 1...
  2. Classic Ninja 250
    Cheap Cycle Parts is the cheapest place I've found so far for Kawasaki OEM parts, compare to Bike Bandit and 2 other places. http://www.cheapcycleparts.com/pages/parts/viewbybrand/default.aspx The Ninja 250 model number starts with EX250, then a few suffix after that indicating the year.
1-2 of 3 Results