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  1. Maintenance
    I got my ninja to start after giving it some starter fluid. Problem is it is idling at 12,000 rpm and starting to annoy the neighbors. I checked the choke cable, throttle cable. all fine could it be the carburator? it has been sitting for over a year so should i just take it out for a long ride...
  2. New Riders
    I bought my 250 a few weeks ago and me and my fiancé have been riding it. (I am new to riding, he's been riding since he was five). I am currently taking my safety course and so I decided I felt I had enough experience to take it out onto the road to work last nite. It was around 45-50 degrees F...
  3. Classic Ninja 250
    If i apply any choke my bike dies? Also sometimes the idle will jump from 1300ish rpms to 5000+ rpms and stay, so I turn the idle back down and it eventually dies. (Sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after 15+ minutes.) It use to do this once a day now its all the time. It died on me a few...
  4. General
    Can someone explain the choke to me? Which is open which is close ?do I warm it up on open or close ? All I know is that when the choke lever is closest towards me the rpm's go up to about 4000 Sent from my Motorcycle iPhone app
  5. New Riders
    Hello All, This is my first bike - 2012 red/black - and my first time having to deal with anything that has a choke equipped. So, needless to say, my problem is that I've been stalling occasionally. As far as I know, when starting, you basically open the choke for cold temperatures, then...
  6. Technical
    Just picked up an 250 06' a week ago and had a question about the choke. Should it be pushed all the way forward when riding, pushed forward I believe the choke is off. I have to have the choke on to start it of course but when I let it sit there and warm up and push the choke forward it stalls...
1-6 of 6 Results