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  1. Maintenance
    I recently fell off my bike, it's a 2009 250 (not sure if it's an r) and am just now getting around to fixing it. When I try to turn it on I have to hold the start button for a few seconds until it gets to a comfortable idle or else it just shuts off. Under full choke it still idles very low and...
  2. New Riders
    Hey guys what's up? I'm back again with a minor problem. As I posted yesterday, I cleaned out my carbs not too long ago and now in the process of putting everything back together. Yesterday I posted about a mysterious hose which I soon found out was a drain hose. Now I have another problem.. a...
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    All prices are OBO i can do paypal. FREE shipping on most parts, pics and info are avail by TXT 304-580 1184 send payment to [email protected] Wiring Harness 40 ECU 40 Tank 200 Left rearset 30 Front brake line Master and Caliper 50 Kickstand 20 Left Handlebar 50 Clutch Perch 20 right...
  4. Technical
    I have a 1990 kawasaki ninja 250r and I would like to sync my carbs. I understand that I need either mercury sticks or vacuum gauges. However, mercury sticks are hard to find and vacuum gauges are extremely expensive. Is there any other ways to sync the carbs myself without taking it to a shop?
  5. Technical
    The carburetor is gunked up in my 250R. When the choke is on and the bike is on, the bike will kick over and the bike will hold in idle. The minute I give it gas, the bike dies. And when I let off the choke, the bike dies. I picked up a bottle of “castrol syntax power system” and followed the...
1-5 of 5 Results