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  1. Technical
    2010 250r, carbs rebuilt, fuel petcock diaphragm intact, spark, compression, timing, all good and hoses ran the best of my ability with very limited information I can find. Will not start but turns over if I take the air filter out and spray carb cleaner inside it will fire right up and run...
  2. Technical
    getting close to cranking the engine, run the fuel line, opened the petcock and gas pours out the overflow. thanks guys.
  3. Technical
    So bike won't start. It'll crank up and start but when I try to turn the choke up it runs for a second then dies out. Read here that I needed to drain the float bowls in the carb so i hooked up a hose to the float drain, turned the tap, and out comes the gas. It looked slightly green but what...
  4. The New Ninja 250
    I have a stock 2010 ninja 250I have been looking on eBay for pod filters and see tons between 30mm 32 34 36 38 and so on I want to know what siZe will fit I want to run Dual pod filters Also will I have to rejet or do any carb mods? I also just ordered an exhaust full header back system...
  5. Buy / Sell / Trade
    All prices include shipping inside the US. I am pricing these off the cheapest price I find on ebay. I have two sets of carbs straight off a good running bike with no issues. Come with boots. $100 Ea. Engine flywheel Rotor complete with ZERO damage $75 Regulator/Rectifier $20...
  6. Technical
    The bike starts fine in 1st gear and Neutral. I can use the throttle to up the RPMs when in Neutral or with clutch pulled in (I've tested up to 6k RPM). After I shift to 1st and release the clutch to the friction zone, the bike dies almost immediately (within 3 feet). The 5 min prior to this...
  7. Technical
    I just bought my 2007 250 which has been sitting for over a year (or more). I took the gas tank off and drained it. The fuel smelled more like paint thinner than gasoline. I need to drain the carb float bowls. Does anyone know about the procedure?
  8. Technical
    Alright, I'm desperate for help at this point, as I'm simply running out of ideas. I'll start from the beginning, and give a TL;DR at the end. April 2012. I, after riding dirtbikes for a few months, am passively considering buying a street bike. I buy a 94 EX250 on CL for 900 bucks, was told...
  9. Technical
    Ok, so here's the deal. I bought a 02 ninja 250 w/ 10k miles on it. Fairings we're ok, and bike ran decent (for a few months). Started getting sluggish so decided to do a complete tear down of engine/carbs/fuel tank. Put new pistons/rings and gaskets in engine, rebuilt the carbs and had the tank...
  10. Classic Ninja 250
    I bought an 04 ex250 last year. I put it into storage at the end of the year running fine with stabil in the tank. It won't start now it cranks and rumbling a little bit but doesn't really run and eventually backfires while I try to get it going. I've Replaced the battery, Changed the spark...
  11. Technical
    Ok, so it's been awhile since i've posted on here (finally got around to working on this project). Anyways, I removed the road marking paint from the fuel tank (had it bead blasted).....upon doing that, it was discovered that the reason for that sort of paint was due to the fact that the...
  12. Technical
    Greetings, I am working on my EX250. The bike will not idle without chock but seems to run fin at the higher RPMs. I removed carbs and cleaned them, the best I could do, with carb clearner. However, when I put everything back together I have the same problem. Any ideas out there???
  13. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I am just gonna replace my carbs cause the one rubber pushing that the spring and needle go in is torn and I think thats the problem with my bike, unless someone has the rubber piece laying around.
1-13 of 13 Results