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  1. New Riders
    I've been riding for less than a season, probably only half of one. Some of that time was spent on a CBR 600rr, but the majority of that has been on an 08 Ninja 250r. Previously I had dropped the 600 at a sharp right turn going about 5mph. But within the span of the past two weeks, I have had...
  2. General
    So yesterday I was driving home from work it was really hot out so I rode with my visor open and just had riding sunglasses on, and out of the corner of my eye saw a golf ball sized rock come hurling of a car tire from the oncoming Lane and I didn't swerve fast enough. Caught me in the helmet...
  3. Pacific
    You heard it! Where do you live? What canyons do you frequent? What canyons do you want to try? :biker
  4. General
    Christian gets a really close call today after we were coming out of highland valley road. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ag7YuoJTj8
1-4 of 4 Results