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  1. Maintenance
    Hello all. New to the world of bikes and wanted to ask for help in identifying a couple of possible issues I have noticed. I have what appears to be a broken hose located underneath the seat area (left side is where I pulled it out to show) . I also noticed a leak in the ground under the...
  2. General
    Took a while but finally, Ninja Boy is broken in and had the dealer's "first service" (what a joke BTW) and is ready to roll on some serious rides. I did go up PCH to Zuma Beach last Sunday and gave it a quick jump on the freeway to see how it handled some higher speeds. Bike seemed to...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    I bought my NEW 2012 Ninja last Saturday and 4 days later, the speedometer breaks. Dealer was great. but GEEZ!
  4. Technical
    hi everyone i know this may not be a maintenance issue or whatever but i'm in dire need of help. i dropped my bike tonight on its right side and it broke the front headlight and broke the tip of the right brake clutch. I'm so sad...are these replaceable??? If so how much do they cost? any...
1-4 of 4 Results