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  1. Technical
    So I'm new to this groups so I sorry I'm I'm posting this in the wrong place but I was wondering if the new clutch and break leaver for the ninja 250s (08-14) would fit in my 07? I was really wanting a red set to match the color but all I can find in the way if colored ones were for te newer...
  2. New Riders
    Hello Guys, I have just purchased a 250r yesterday. I was wondering at what speed should I ride at during the break in period?
  3. New Riders
    Hey guys, I am new on the forum and picked up my 09 250 3 days ago. I am sure this has brought up a lot of times and yes I have read some of the posts but there are so many different ways for break in. Honestly I feel really confused and not sure which way to go with? How many people have tried...
  4. Technical
    I know a few guys have used the Moto Tune engine break in method without an issue. So, here's a link to it. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
1-4 of 4 Results