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  1. New Riders
    When you're bored where do you ride to? Lol just wanted to see where people went...because i have found myself bored and not knowing where to ride to...biggest dilemma EVER! Sent from my iPhone using MO Free
  2. The New Ninja 250
    ...and decided to play with the bike... http://www.scratchon.com/store/powersports-kits/kawasaki-ninja-250r-race-graphics-1/
  3. Off Topic
    Starting mindless rambling: I'm starting a thread and posting just to post. Because I'm bored. I have no doctors right now and no patients coming in. I do have some paperwork I could complete but that really can wait. I mean. Why get all my stuff done now when I can put it off till later...
1-3 of 3 Results