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  1. News
    Read more about the Top 10 Bikes Of EICMA 2017 at Motorcycle.com.
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
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  3. New Riders
    Hey there! Names John! So I'm a future 250r owner and should be picking up a used one in the next month or two! This will also be my first bike :D I just wanted to stop by and say hello because I'm sure I'll be searching and asking all types of questions in the next few months :P For starters...
  4. New Riders
    I have about 6 years or motocross racing so im familier with blancing on a 2 wheeled bike just not as heavy. I was thinking about buying a 2010 ninja 250 but i would be doing alot of highway riding. Work and school and back. Im tall and skinny, 5'11" and 137 pounds. I have sat on the bike before...
  5. Introduction
    Howdy. Just bought a 2008 Ninja 250R with just over 2,000 miles. Well, I've been wanting a motorcylce for a couple months now after getting an urge to get out in the warm weather in something other than my BRZ. The only previous experience I have is my old KX125 about 9 years ago...so not a lot...
  6. General
    Ok as I have stated in a few of my comments on other threads I am in the process of buying a Ninja 250R. But I'm running into tons of used bikes that people say have been laid down once or twice. So for my knowledge can anyone tell me is it or is it not a big deal to buy a bike that has been...
  7. General
    New to forum. Introducing myself. Just bought my first bike. Hoping to learn from fellow owners. Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  8. New Riders
    Hi guys, my best friend and I are planning in go to a Kawasaki dealer this saturday to buy 2 ninjas 250R :) I really need suggestions in what gear should I get, I live in miami Florida and is really hot here :/ I am going to use the bike to go work everyday, 40 Milles per day, 5 days a week...
  9. Off Topic
    All anyone talks about is how dangerous motorcycles are compared to cars. About one hour ago I dont know how i didnt end in the hospital. My friend has a really nice 98 supercharged (and other stuff) mustang gt. Some little 5lb turbo volvo thing pulled up to us at a red light and started...
  10. Introduction
    Howdy Y'all! I'm very new to riding sport bikes, and I love my little 250R. I decided to pick one up for commuting, and my friend found me a good deal. I've always wanted a motorcycle, and I've wanted to start on something small. I have done a bit of tracking with past vehicles, but we'll have...
  11. Modifications
    I will do a DIY on this tomorrow, I need to reload the pics for it. You may ask why I dont just link it or use another DIY, but there is a step that is missed in all other write ups, that I will clarify here. Jason
1-11 of 11 Results