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  1. News
    Read more about When Will My Motorcycle Battery Die? at Motorcycle.com.
  2. News
    Read more about A Little Trick To Help Your Battery Last Longer at Motorcycle.com.
  3. Modifications
    Here is a simple, inexpensive, and must have piece of modifications, I have done. The company is named GAMMATRONIX( http://www.gammatronixltd.com/ ) they make some really interesting items from charging, storage, temperature, in various styles. The one I chose was the 12V LED MOTORCYCLE / BIKE...
  4. Technical
    Hey guys, so I am wanting to install an outlet for any usb device that needs charging (mainly my iPhone). I think I know what parts to get to install it directly to the battery, it seems pretty straightforward. My question is: How do I install this so that it is only on while the bike is...
  5. Technical
    Battery - cheap gel replacement? Or pricey lithium? Hello friends, So a few weeks ago I got my first ever bike ('09 250). I am getting it ready for the riding season which is quickly approaching, even being in the chilly Canadian prairies. Here's the issue I'm having: The battery is at 11.2v...
  6. The New Ninja 250
    I just got a CTEK charger for my 2012 250R...but after reading the manual of the charger I got a bit scared in terms of whether this charger is good for my battery. The bike still has the original stock battery but the manual doesn't specify the type of battery it really is. Can someone please...
  7. Technical
    Dear fellow Motorcycle Riders, If you guys can help me or give me any quick tips that could solve my problem. I would greatly appreciate it, because honestly I am stumped!! So recently I had to return back home and left my bike alone for three weeks. I had my friend turn on the bike once a...
  8. General
    Over the last little while i noticed that whenever im driving, maybe past 8 thousand rpms i found that the rpm dial would go nuts, and start fluctuating . Just ignored it and didnt do much about it , since the bike didnt act or sound differently . Went out for lunch today with a few buddies...
  9. Maintenance
    I need directions on how to remove my seat so I can access the battery.Im preparing for my HID install and need to upgrade 2 fuses.I dont know where the hell I put the bikes manual. Thanks for the help.:notworthy
1-9 of 11 Results