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  1. News
    Read more about Ask MO Anything: Is Clutchless Shifting Bad For My Transmission? at Motorcycle.com.
  2. Classic Ninja 250
    Noticed this right when I got to work work today. I need to be able to ride this home about 8 miles so I can get it into a shop to be fixed on Tuesday. Will I be okay? Any quick fixes? Here's a pic Sent from Motorcycle.com Free App
  3. The New Ninja 250
    Hey I called the dealership today and asked for a ninja 250 from 2012 and he said the otd price would be $4,913 and I was thinking is this a rip off because msrp is like $4,100 - $4,400
  4. Modifications
    well heres some pics of my 250 i just finished up still needs a few things. before after
  5. Technical
    With E-15 gas due to arrive at the gas pumps, there is a possibility that someone who's in a hurry one day, stopping to get gas will inadvertently pump the wrong stuff into their tank, despite the posted precaution warnings and labels on the pump. E-15 gas is gasoline with 15% alcohol...
  6. New Riders
    Hi, I'm a fresh graduate from highschool, and heading to a college 2 hours away. Now, I'm planning to purchase the kawasaki 250 ninja, Used. With money saved from 4 years of odd jobs I'm willing to spend about $1,300-2,000 on a bike. Ive (seperately) factored in licensing, gear (level 3),and...
  7. General
    Hello, I am a new member here and I really want to get my first bike (250R) but winter is coming and there will be snow where I live. I know the danger of winter biking but I can't wait til the spring to get it. All I will do with the bike in the winter is just practicing throttle, clutch...
  8. Technical
    :nono2Greetings! I purchased my third Ninja 250 (a 1999) a few months back for $500 as a non-running project bike. The previous owner was young, dumb, and broke and couldnt afford to get the bike running. Him and his friend spent hours with the damn thing and they couldnt get a spark out of...
  9. Classic Ninja 250
    I'd totally rock this bike...
1-9 of 9 Results