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  1. Technical
    Got a 2011 250r with 28k miles on it. Looks like its been crashed at least a dozen times and very poorly maintained. It does run well however. The motor starts right up and runs well, shifts through all gears smoothly, rides nicely and has no leaks. The guy I bought it from says it was his...
  2. Introduction
    Long time as a cager is ending. I'm newly single again and no MiL or wife or GF telling me motorcycles are dangerous. Unfortunately I had neglected Blue Flame (EX250F6F). Tank rusty and carbs gummy thanks to 10% booze gas. Took me a day to get it running on a pony tank and ripped up and down...
  3. General
    a friend of mine used my assistance a few months ago, to go check out an 09 ninja 250. i helped him fix a few things and he was able to ride it about 45 minutes home. the bike still needed some real work, but i was able to do a few things over a couple of hours in a lowes parking lot to get it...
  4. Introduction
    Hi all, New to the site, but have been riding forever and have previously owned an 06 250R. Since I sold it in '07 I've owned 2 ZX6RR's, 3 ZX6R's, a 650R, a ZX10R and now an Aprilia RSV4 in addition to a newly acquired 06 250R that I just picked up as a winter project. She needs a little...
  5. Classic Ninja 250
    Well, I tried to save a 93 250 my daughter had but it needed more work than. I was capable of. Sold it to a guy who was going to do a streetfighter. I was stuck for the last 6 months riding a Honda Helix to work to save gas. Finally sold the nerd mobile and stumbled on my new to me 2007 250. It...
  6. General
    Hey gang....been away from here for a long time, well a lot of things were happening in my life. My health has been somewhat better, but still having issues. On the better side, I finally moved to the house I bought last summer in Idaho. :ohyaaa I have some land to ride my dirtbike on, and...
  7. New Riders
    After about a year im back on this forum. I was a member back when I had a 2012. I decided to move up and ended up with an 09 r6 with full two bros exhaust. I just picked up a 2012 r6 with 2011 se plastics and a ninja 300 exhaust. pics to come. traded my r6 to a friend. The 250 was a blast and I...
  8. The New Ninja 250
    hi i was just wandering how do i remove the standard back box of a 2012 ninja to replace it with a aftermarket exhaust? :) many thanks ross
  9. Off Topic
    I've been gone awhile since I lost my old iPod bout 2 months ago but wifey surprised me 2day w/ a new 1, so I'm back to help or laugh at or be laughed at, u which ever the case may be We raise hell bitch!! Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!
  10. General
    http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/kawasaki/kawasaki_zxr250r%2089.htm What a screamer!! It makes our 13,000 redline seem sedate. No euro learner power restrictions to worry about then. 0-60 sub 4.0 secs (so i just read) top speed 130mph ish. It would be interseting to see what a modern...
  11. Technical
    Hi all. When I rev the engine there is a short pause and then the rpm's will increase. Then when I get off the throttle the engines stays rev'd up for a few seconds then slowly comes down. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. General
    Hey all I just graduated today so now I can use the computers but just to let you all know I'll will only be able to use it on the weekend until I get my new laptop but until then I got to go to the libary here but for those who rode with me in my last ride in San Diego before I left here is a...
1-12 of 17 Results