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  1. Introduction
    Hi I'm Mightymousesr, I resurrect those old (sometimes young) bikes that get sent to the backyard because their owners... get tired of riding????, had a Close call, kids now no, time for bike, etc. etc.. Just picked up a very nice 2006 250r Ninja with 3600 miles on it for $200. My last sport...
  2. South West
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  3. Introduction
    Hi my name is Jordan. I just got a 2011 ninja 250 and cant wait to take the msf course so I can ride with my hubby who rides a 2009 zx6r. I will post pics up of our bikes tomorrow.
  4. Introduction
    What's up everyone! I'm new to the forums here and wanted to send a quick hello to all of you. If any of you live in Arizona and would like to possibly become friends and go riding, definitely hit me up. I love to ride. All day every day. I'm thankful we don't deal with horrible weather here...
  5. Introduction
    A funny thing happened on my way to forty-something... I realized youth shouldn't be left to the young! :) So it is that I set out on a new adventure... completing the MSF BRC and buying my first bike... an '09 Ninja 250r! I'm very much looking forward to this journey... the people, the...
  6. South West
    looking for riders in arizona mesa,phoenix,glendale,gilbert,chandler to form a group...
  7. Introduction
    I am thinking about either a honda cbr250 or the ninja 250r. Can someone please help me out with this problem? And also, is $2600 a good price for a 2008 ninja 250 with 800 miles on it?
  8. Introduction
    :) I live in far S.E.Arizona in The Chiricahua Mountains and have not ridden a bike for years but bought a ninja 250r yesterday. Too many nice two lane lightly traveled roads around here to not have a motorcycle. At one time I rode the big stuff but I figure at my age (78) this about the correct...
1-8 of 8 Results