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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    I'm trying to understand whether or not the Uni air filter is a replacement for the entire air cleaner assembly, or if I still need to use the crappy assembly that comes with the OEM filter. Mainly cuz I can only find one of the sides to the OEM assembly.
  2. Classic Ninja 250
    What do you think about this K&N for the Ninja 250E-F models? Does this actually take the place of the airbox? I found this on eBay for $62.80, and it looks like an alternative to pods... which, as I have read, mess with the CV carbs we all have. Anyone have an opinion on this filter? Or, does...
  3. The New Ninja 250
    Alright, I have the 2011 250, and I'm looking to get the Jardine Gp1 full exhaust. Now I've read that I don't need to re jet it off a couple posts on here, is that true? I'm probably going to get the full system and K&N filter at the same time, which will need a re jetting, that I know. If I...
  4. Technical
    I have a 250 r and im getting gas in my air box witch kills the bike I pulled the carb off and took it apart soaked everything in carb cleaner the needles look great and floats go up and down very easy but after putting everything back together im still getting gas in my air box don't know much...
  5. Technical
    Disclaimer: I am by no means "mechanically inclined" and relatively new to motorcycle ownership. That being said, I need your help. I took out the air filter to see if it needed to be cleaned or replaced but was not prepared for what I found. The air filter smelled and appeared to be...
  6. The New Ninja 250
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  7. The New Ninja 250
    Review: Hurricane Racing Performance Air Filter for the ’08-’12 Ninja 250 A few weeks ago, I received an email Hurricane Racing Co. Ltd. about their new air filters. Here is a small excerpt from the email. "....The difference between our filters and other brands is that we are using...
  8. The New Ninja 250
    This is a list of available air filters for the Ninja 250R. This may not be an exhaustive list. Feel free to post others that you may know of or use. Drop-in Type OEM Kawasaki Air Filter- Kawasaki P/N: 11013-0020 WIX- P/N: 49721 This is a dual stage foam filter that can replace the...
  9. Classic Ninja 250
    I have a 03 EX250 iam plaining on removing the air box for instalation of pod filters. Anyone know the pro and cons of doing this?
  10. Modifications
    Hi, I'm new to motorcycles and want to do some cheap/free mods. Also, i don't know much about how motorcycle works and have a lot of quesitions. I'm hoping some of the veterans/experienced guys here will take a few minutes out to explain it. I'd really appreciate it :) What exactly is...
  11. Modifications
    ok so i have a full jardine gp1 exhaust, and k&n air filter. the snorkel is still installed.. i knw some people have said that shouldnt ride it until i get the jet kit. well i was wondering if i can just install the stock air filter for right now so i can ride until i get the jet kit done...
  12. Classic Ninja 250
    Can I replace the air box with air filters? -Joseph
  13. New Riders
    I know i will be considered a newb for asking this, But today at work this guy told me i should get a Cool Air intake for my bike. I've looked around but haven't seemed to find anything. Do they even make these for our bikes?
  14. Modifications
    Here's the Air Box modification for the 99 Ninja 250, I posted on some other forums: Found it difficult to remove the carburetor with the stock air box, thought it would probably be difficult going back together, too. Decided to go with the K & N "drop-in" KA-2586 air filter keeping the...
1-14 of 25 Results