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  1. General
    I believe I'm gonna sell my new bike for a newer one... When I bought my 2007 250 I was told to go 500... I didn't want a Big sized bike for my first bike, I am a fairly small guy and no major weight lifter... I've had my 250 for about a month now and I know I still have to learn more but by...
  2. General
    I just came back from the Kawasaki dealer in Sacramento & sat on the 2009 250R and was trying to feel the seating position of it. I kind of didn't like how how I was leaning forward than I expected. Although it was really a very light weight bike. I think I'll stick to my old plan which is non...
  3. General
    Ok, Ok we all know that it took Kawasaki 20 years to redesign the 250R but what about the 500R and 650R? Sorry if you guys like them but I think they are fucking appalling, awful, bad, beastly, crabbed, cranky, despicable, disagreeable, disfigured, disgusting, dowdy, foul, frightful, gloomy...
1-3 of 3 Results