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  1. Maintenance
    I was riding my bike the other day and when I got home I realized that one of the frame slider pucks had fallen off. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement? I have a 2009 Ninja 250r and have included pictures of the remaining frame slider puck.
  2. South West
    Please come and check out our new 250cc Motorcycle club. Been running the Phoenix Scooter Club for about 4 years and finally added a motorcycle. See there really is no good place for the smaller cc's, so let's get together! http://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-250cc-Motorcycle-Meetup/ Glen G., Organizer
  3. New Riders
    Does every biker upgrade if they started at a 250cc? I am getting into biking and was planning on getting a 250cc sport bike and doing some sick mods because I was thinking of staying at a 250cc. But before I do that I was just wondering if any bikers stay at their 250 sport bike or does every...
1-3 of 5 Results