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  1. Modifications
    Curious do I need my non usable and my res fuel lines I’m doing a different tank all together and was going to keep evaporator but wanted to no if I can delete the other two lines
  2. Modifications
    I’m turning my 2007 ninja 250 into a brat style motorcycle. I picked it up with the Titles and 1,600 for $100. Not running of course but for $100 I took my chances and picked it up! The other picture is the style I’m going for. I’m going to be doing a video build serious on my YouTube channel ...
  3. General
    Hey i bought a 1994 ninja 250 I got it to turn over but there is no spark I bought 3 different kinds of cdi for the bike I bought 3 sets of coils Bought a starter motor Bought a stator wont spark at all
  4. General
    In need of some advice, went out to start my 09 250 today, hit ignition a few times( didnt notice I was low on fuel) hit ignition again for about 10 seconds. Then tried again and the bike wouldn't do anything. Not even make a clicking noise. My headlights qont turn on either. Possibly just the...
  5. Buy / Sell / Trade
    starts, runs, looks really decent wouldnt take much at all to restore, i do have title in my name, needs a better mechanic than i am to go thru carbs, im not a mechanic! $800.00 and i'll just about break even, im in hobbs nm,
  6. Buy / Sell / Trade
    i got a airbox for 98 ninja 250 i'd like to sell, i think i got 50 in it id like to get 50 out of it
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Cafe racer modified $2800 1400 original miles one of a kind
  8. Classic Ninja 250
    hey new guy here, im from southeast nm and rescued a 98 250 out of a west tx garage a couple days ag0, first off i hade to get on ebay and order a stock airbox be here next week, id like to figure out the fuel lines im positive 1 maybe 2 are fuel line and one probly a vent? can someone one point...
  9. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I have a complete Ninja 250 exhaust. The muffler is brand new. Asking $50 + shipping. Located in Daingerfield Tx. Call or text 903 918 4014.
  10. Classic Ninja 250
    Hi, New on the forum. Looking to buy my first bike and decided on a classic Ninja 250r. After some research I think it's the best choice for a beginner and will probably still be a lot of fun even after I am experienced. I also really like the look of the bike for some reason. Here's a bike I...
  11. General
    Wondering if it's needed to get new shocks when I only weigh 120 pounds?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Modifications
    Can anyone link me to parts for a standard handlebar conversion? Does such a thing exist for the EX250? Do I have to just do a DIY type thing?
  13. Classic Ninja 250
    got two whole bikes parting them out lmk what you need and we neg on price :biker
  14. General
    I've ridden a Honda 400ex but never a Ninja 250. I am trying to decide what size bike I should purchase.
  15. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Hi all, I'm selling a few parts from my 2007 ninja 250 after a streetfighter mod. They're all in good condition. I'm considering all offers. More details in the ebay listings below: lower belly cowl/fairing: 88-07 94-07 Kawasaki Ninja 250r 250 EX Lower Belly Front Cover Cowl Fairing | eBay...
  16. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I have a 2007 blue ninja 250 for sale runs and rides good. Has a few scratches from where it was laid down by previous owner. Located in Lexington, KY but will bring to Louisville, KY for serious Buyer. $1500 here is the CL ad https://lexington.craigslist.org/mcy/5859107228.html
  17. New Riders
    Hello, I am a new rider of the 250 as I bought a 2009 for my girlfriend who is just going through the learning process. I have owned a suzuki cruiser before but never a sport bike. My question is, what rpm's do you notice when you're cruising a long at 70mph/110kmh? I noticed mine was up...
  18. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Got into an accident recently and my fairing got all busted up. Looking one for cheap, minor scratches or cracks are okay! Also, the gauge mounting is cracked so if anyone knows of someone who also has that part let me know!
  19. Technical
    I was wondering what type of relay do I need. It is for the front of the bike towards the front wheel. the front blinkers are not working at all, and the back ones just stay solid. I was told by a friend that was the issue but I am not sure where I can purchase a front relay.
  20. Buy / Sell / Trade
    SUDCO MIKUNI TM 33 Race carbs set for the Ninja 250: comes with instructions,battery box K&N filters and rubber intakes.250.00
1-20 of 315 Results