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  1. Introduction
    Hey Fellas, Just bought my first 250R. She is a 2011 SE White. Got a sweet deal from an awesome couple that lived a few miles away from me. It has 4000miles and had no drops when I bought it. Other than that pretty much stock and in awesome condition. Tires are practically brand-new and I...
  2. Technical
    When accelerating and riding normal there's a metallic grinding sound that gradually increases with speed. Doesn't alternate with gears or anything else just speed. Anyone know what it might be?
  3. The New Ninja 250
    Hello, I am going to buy a shorty gp exhaust for my 2011 ninja 250. I was wondering, will I have to rejet? Thanks.
  4. Buy / Sell / Trade
    For Sale: 2011 White (Special Edition) Kawasaki Ninja 250 (250 cc) Currently with 34xx miles. Clean Title, ready to go! Upgrades done in 2015: • K& N Air Filter installed • Proton Flush Mount Turn Signals • Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit installed • Motodynamic Sequential LED Tail Light...
  5. New Riders
    Just bought a 2011 250r with 4500 miles. First it is an Rtitle. Problem 1. Headlight from what I was told is H7. The plugs on the bike are 3 prong h7 would never fit. Is there some wire I am missing? 2. That is rear tire. Looks like chicken strips. Top is flatter like it was rode upright...
  6. General
    Probably this question has been asked many times but I could not find an exact answer. I have 2011 ninja 250r. I am living in Kentucky so the weather is cold. When I try to run it 20-30 degree F it wont start because it has cold nature. What part should I change to easily run it that cold...
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm am selling my 2011 250 instead of racing it this year so here goes... The bike has never been on the track. I can deliver to any CCS Florida race or possibly Daytona Bike Week. 3312 miles Brand new Motofairings bodywork Braided front brake line Rear swing arm spools Mint Bridgestone race...
  8. Modifications
    I own a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250r Special Edition. I bought a rear integrated LED tail light and front LED flush mount blinkers. I have all of those installed. My initial problem was that the blinkers didn't blink. So to fix that I bought a LED Flasher Relay from Lockheart Phillips USA. My...
  9. The New Ninja 250
    Hi folks. Come for a ride with New Zealand Prolite 250 champ, Sam Croft: http://www.youtube.com/embed/aCYvfMziN3s More on Sam here: http://www.samcroft.net/ Cheers! Allan
  10. The New Ninja 250
    I am rebuilding. Thanks to anyone with hassle-free info. Please call j 4435278472 I am willing to negotiate price $$$$$. Clean title preferred. I can get a salvaged on ebay
  11. The New Ninja 250
    My first street bike and I find the shifting really clunky going up and down about 75% of the time. I have ridden dirt bikes alot growing up and never noticed this problem. Just wanted to know if this is a common thing with this tranny as after the shift things are smooth accelerating just...
  12. New Riders
    Are 2011 Ninja 250R's prices set in stone? or can we deal them down a little? I just finished my motorcycle safety riding course and got my cert so i'll be off to dmv this week, but i went to our local Kawasaki Dealership, and was shown the 2011 Ninja 250R as a beginning bike. He gave me the...
  13. The New Ninja 250
    i just bought my bike about 3 weeks ago brand new.. had 1 mile on it... a few weeks later and its sitting in the shop with 3.6k miles on the odometer... problems 1: had a squealing sound coming from the front axle/caliper area happening at 10-30 mph.. sometimes it goes away sometimes it turned...
  14. The New Ninja 250
    Im looking to get a new seat for my new 2011 250. Ive looked exstensively online and i cant find anything. please help.
  15. The New Ninja 250
    hey i think the exhausts from 2008 and on fit the same including on my 2011 correct? and im talking about the full exhaust
  16. Introduction
    Temp. was near the 70's today, though it was cloudy in the morning, the afternoon got much better. Roads are still covered with gravel and lots of melting snow cause water run-offs across the entertaining twisty roads. First decent ride on my newly purchased Ninja 250. The Legendary Longwood...
1-16 of 18 Results