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  1. Classic Ninja 250
    Hey what's up guys? A couple of weeks ago, I decided to clean the carbs on my bike. After cleaning it really good, it was time to put everything back together which wasn't TOO bad until I got to the fuel tank. There are 3 hoses that connects to the tank. I know where the the one on the left...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Set of bars, just the tube/insert not the riser. Throttle cable, the one with the adjuster on it.
  3. Introduction
    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. I just graduated the MSF course this past Sunday, and picked up a 2002 Ninja 250 right after. I absolutely love it! Is there a regional forum section for CA or even more specifically, Northern CA?
  4. Modifications
    First off im new and was looking at where i could find: first the actual term for the painted parts.. Plastics, fairings, body kit. I used to custom paint choppers and would love to find either blanks, stock, or already custom ones.. Looking for all advise on this. Thank you Sent from my...
  5. General
    Hi, so I need some help deciding whether or not this would be a good deal to buy: http://belleville.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-sport-bikes-2002-Kawasaki-Ninja-250R-W0QQAdIdZ350158419 I talked to the owner and for safety it will need a new chain, front brake lever and front brake...
1-5 of 5 Results