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  1. Buy / Sell / Trade
    So I recently crashed my old 250 because of some idiot who cut me off during a turn, as I was forced off the road and into one of the worst wrecks I've ever seen a motorcycle in while not even going fast. I am ridiculously pissed off because not only do I feel victimized, I also feel like this...
  2. Classic Ninja 250
    Hello, my name is Anthony Franco. I just acquired my first motorcycle and want to service it and figured I would join a forum. I am quite handy with automobiles, but I know the motorcycle service world is a different ball park. I have a few questions. (By the way the odometer reads 3,400.)...
  3. New Riders
    So I just passed the MSF BRC and I really want to get a ninja 250 I found a decent deal. It's a 2000 ninja 250 for 1200. That gives me a good bit of money to do whatever repairs are necessary and to title and register it. What do you guys think? Is there anything I need to know about the 200...
  4. Technical
    The bike runs fine until it gets warmed up. Then it dies everytime I let off the throttle... It did it today after driving about 10-15 miles. I let off the throttle and squeezed the clutch to downshift coming up on a red light and when I stopped, the bike was off. (I nv released the clutch...
  5. Technical
    Hello to all. I purchased a 2000 Kawasaki EX 250 that had been sitting for 2 years. It ran when I got it, although not well, because the fuel was running out of the carbs like it had a stuck needle valve. After cleaning the carbs, the fuel leak was solved, but the engine misfires badly on the...
  6. Classic Ninja 250
    please have a gander
  7. New Riders
    super excited about taking delivery of my bike in a couple weeks....papers already signed....then its off to riding. do you guys think i made a good purchase for my first bike 2000 EX250F14 400miles 2K$ dealership warrentyed
  8. Introduction
    please check itout did a make a good move or a bad one?
  9. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm brand new on this site and needing the complete front turn signals and mounting hardware (if possible) for my 2000 model. Mainly if you have the mounts for the signals that would be just perfect. The signals themselves I can get, the bases are another story. Just collecting parts for a...
  10. New Riders
    I have come across 2 different 250s in my area. Going to look at both next weekend and decide on buyin one of them. 2000 250r has about 8500 miles and is being advertised for 1400. Good condition and still good tread on tires 2008 is listed for 2900 and has about 850 miles. All stock and has...
1-11 of 11 Results