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  1. Technical
    The bike starts fine in 1st gear and Neutral. I can use the throttle to up the RPMs when in Neutral or with clutch pulled in (I've tested up to 6k RPM). After I shift to 1st and release the clutch to the friction zone, the bike dies almost immediately (within 3 feet). The 5 min prior to this...
  2. Technical
    Hello All, This is my first time to 250r.net I have had my 07 ninja since october and havent had this problem since last month, could find any exact matches. Only in first gear, and fast acceleration the clutch area sounds like a bolt or loose peice of metal is rattling around. As soon as...
  3. General
    I did my first oil change on my 250 yesterday @ 530 miles.Wow what a differance new oil makes.Way smoother on shifting & seems like the bike is more responsive.I was trippin out trying to find the small rubber o-ring.Thanks to my friend we where able to locate the little bastard.Thanks again...
1-3 of 3 Results