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Ghostt 04-28-2016 03:02 PM

Rydewear metal helmet quick release
I had one of those quick release buckles for my helmet, I don't remember which one, but it was plastic. Last week it broke while I was taking my helmet off, this made me think...... How good was it ?

So I did some searching and found this



Put safety and convenience first with this patented motorcycle Helmet Quick Release for your helmet's chin strap switch between your helmets for life. Attaches easily to most all helmets no sewing - full aluminum strongest light weight quick release made (will not rust) fits all straps 3/4 7/8 and 1 inch wide

Our products ship via US First Class Mail 2-4 Days with tracking (We do offer other services)
Free USA Shipping Small Charge For Non USA
Once added to the cart you may Choose to check out with PayPal or any type of credit Card with our shopping cart

Once you simply attach and adjust it once only this Quick Release its just simple push button on/off for life even with gloves on.
IMPORTANT: If you have a strap de flapping button on the end of your strap you will have to simply just pop it off with a butter knife - it is no longer needed with this quick release as it comes with a slide that stops your strap from slapping and nicely tucks it away only have to set it once adjust to your likening and that's all.
NOTE: Simply hooks on to your D-Ring Fabric loop - please check that you can fit one or two pencils in your loop that holds on the D-rings MAKE SURE YOU PURCHACE WITH NO BUTTON STRAP then you can simply attach this Helmet quick release - Note : If for some reason you have a lot of space in that loop meaning you could easily fit THREE pencils in it then this one could possibly come off a bit to easy and you will have to buy IT WITH OUR BUTTON STRAP which then is only good for adult size large and bigger.
Beanie half shell Helmets - We also have one for Beanie half shell helmets with a smaller cut out - since most all half shell helmets have very thin strapping , it simply hooks to the thin fabric strap loop that holds the D-Rings on - please make sure you can fit one minimum or more pencils in the fabric loop that holds the D-rings on , and you have the thin

Aluminum, instead of plastic is a good start, so I pulled the $20.95 trigger on the chrome. Shipping was quick 3 days, and it was free.

It arrived today, and it's well made, installation was easy enough, and it works as advertised.

SIDENOTE: the logo is a sticker, so it's easily removed.

I like the convenience of a quick release buckle, and to have one made of aluminum instead of plastic, so I'm going to order more for my other helmets.

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