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M3GamerVenom 08-18-2014 08:29 PM

First Time Rider - Probably dumb questions.
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Hi, i just bought my first bike today, and got the best deal I've ever seen on my ninja, $2000 with 9400 miles and everything is in amazing condition(not new rider enthusiasm, I'm a mechanic), and the seller included a cargo net. Bringing me to my first question,

How is the cargo net attached to my 2009 ninja 250? there's no lip to the body panels by the rear seat, and there's only two hooks, and my cargo net has 6, do i attach the 3 hooks onto the one hook on that side? or does it hook under the rear seat when i actually have cargo under it?

While looking for somewhere to hook the cargo net i stumbled upon a switch and figured out there was actually two red neon strips underneath the rear seat and two white strips hovering over the engine. I like them, but i'm not sure the previous owner even knew they were there because it seems like he would've pointed that out.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't come stock on ninjas but can someone confirm that for me?

Sorry about there not being any light in the pictures.

TurtleSE 08-19-2014 04:02 AM

Welcome, nice work on the smoking deal of your new purchase! The lights are definitely not stock they have been added by some other owner. You usually use the 2 hooks under the seat like you say and then you would hook 2 more down on the brackets where the passengers foot pegs are. Not sure what your gonna do with the leftovers? My daughter has a tail bag that came with some fastening straps and hooks that attach under her passengers seat. The straps/ hooks tuck under there when she's not using it. Maybe you can rig something up? Enjoy the new ride. :2thumbsup

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