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Originally Posted by grasshopper View Post
....What is average speed to RPM ratio?
....what I should be looking for in each gear
..... just looking for a few guidelines so I can understand when best to change gears
The stock bike has 14/45 gearing (14 tooth front & 45 tooth rear sprockets).
With this set up rpms run kind of high and you will run thru the gears pretty quick, especially in 1st & 2nd. Normal shifting with conservative riding (i.e. around town, with traffic light) should be done between 6-7k rpms, sometimes even lower around 5.5k. When needing to obtain max speed quicker (i.e. entering the freeway) shifts between 8 and 11k are normal.

View the attachment to see what your actual speed (not indicated, it will be higher) will look like based on stock gearing. You can also experiment with different sprocket combos using Gearing Commander
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