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Takai Hi-Output Super Coils

Looking for a performance, efficiency or mileage advantage for your Kawasaki Ninja EX250? Something to ignite the best combustion event possible? If the answer to either of these questions is yes and your reading about Takai's performance ignition coils and components you are at the right place. Takai products release and harness the most energy, every combustion event for the smoothest running and highest output engines available.

Takai engineers have developed the highest output / highly compact coil on plug unit for Kawasaki Ninja 250.
Using the latest innovations developed and released for all out performance venues, TAKAI has redefined high performance ignition coil design by increasing output characteristics while reducing size and weight restrictions. Through this TAKAI has also developed an array of coil on plug conversion kits for stock applications that are using a separate ignition coil and wire to maximize the benefit and enhance the engines power delivery!

TAKAI is a leader in electronic performance systems and provides cutting edge technology DIRECT to the powersport enthusiast.

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Thought I'd post some info about what other Ninja 250 riders had to say about the Takai Hi-Output Super Coils.

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Originally Posted by NinjaK .... Wondering if iridium plugs show gains, that is essentially the same as a higher power ignition unit... wouldn't it? Is it possible for cumulative gains?

Originally Posted by Blue Ghost
No, not really. The stock coils will not put out voltage as consistently as higher output ignitions in certain instances. What the plugs will do is use less voltage to put out a better quality spark compared to the stock plugs. The gain will come from how well the fuel that is used, is burned.

For example; if you have bad/weak gas, it does not matter how big the spark is. The fuel won't have the energy. Even if you ran methanol or E85, and it's not jetted right, it's not effective and may not burn.

The better fuel burns, the better the combustion, which could result in potential HP, but on the Ninja it may be at the top of the rev range and you've probably have to see it on the dyno. Keep in mind, that getting past the 30 HP barrier has been the goal of many Ninja 250 owners in the last several years. Only a few have successfully done it, however with much modification.

Originally Posted by NinjaK
Thanks for your info Blue Ghost, I always enjoy listening to others stance on the subject. I used your notes for ammo while talking to a tech there. I'm an electrician so I took some notes. Let me know your thoughts. I'm on the fence but everything the guy said made allot of sense to me.

He agreed with you on the iridium front. Explaining... it takes less voltage to fire the spark with an iridium spark plug. That in turn means more energy remains in the ignition coil to sustain the spark. (voltage and current = total energy) Said, it's not the voltage that makes power it's the burn time that makes a higher quality spark, as you said. So the higher the voltage has to be to start the spark, the less the remaining energy to sustain spark duration in the combustion chamber. He said the reason iridium plugs see a power return is because the spark remains lit for more of the combustion cycle. Hence... more time into the process of releasing energy from fuel "CAN" release more engine horsepower if it is available. Typically having a longer lit spark means you can light more fuel and return more power. Made allot of sense to me.

On the coil front he also generally agreed with you on that with one difference being efficiency. From what I remember instead of using less energy to fire the spark, the coil is designed to have anywhere from 15 - 35%?? more efficiency depending on the competitor coil. This means the coil itself will deliver the same voltages, more if required, and have extra energy available to sustain the spark event. Not because the coil has a higher voltage capability, but because the coil itself is more efficient at delivering energy to the spark gap. That in turn allows the spark to stay lit longer, and again the longer it is lit, the more energy that can be released. Like iridium.

All I thought was, power in = power out.

The guy seemed pretty smart and confident in the product... hats off to Takai for that. I don't typically get these responses from run of the mill companies. Hmmmm...

Originally Posted by NinjaK
First ride with OE coils, everything was great with the bike. Swapped out just the coils, Takai was very helpful with a couple questions I had about the harness and everything went together smoothly.

The bike fired up immediately and the first thing I noticed was the idle was steadier and smoother than with the O.E. coils. There is, in my opinion, noticeable throttle improvements when cracking the throttle in idle or on the street. For lack of better words, just feels stronger, less hesitant and more willing. Hmmm so far, I feel that the coils are one of the better mods I did but I am still holding out with a final verdict until I get some time under my belt with them. After all I am after better mileage. So far so good though.

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Originally Posted by Racer X
...When I went on the dyno and started tuning I had great results to about 45-48 hp.When I would really push it, the power flattened out at top RPM. and I could feel a chugging. Giving more nitrous and fuel did not make more power. But it ran fine a lower levels. That ended a ten hour dyno session.

We had to figure out what was going on. After some research it was determined the stock coils could not bridge the gap when the cylinder pressure was very high. That means the plug does not fire when it should. This late firing of the plug retards the timing and KILLS power.
All I did was install the Takai coils. Using all the supplied hardware. I went back on the dyno. The engine never did the chugging again. That allowed us to add more nitrous and fuel and get the engine to the 55 hp I needed.
The coils are first class all the way. Very high quality. They are also the cutting edge in coil technology. They use something called carbon nano tube technology. And some secret stuff.
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