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Originally Posted by RideTheLightning View Post
....I don't have any mechanical knowledge prior to this but I'm sure I can handle it on my own. I tend to be a quick learner and need to learn how to do this on my own anyways.

... The bike is running but I feel like it could run smoother. Either that or I'm just a noob at riding it. :P

... I'm only planning to ride it about only once per month or so, more if I can get to it. ...What do you recommend I should do?
Not unless you have the time and a little bit of experience and the proper tools, there are some things like valve adjustments, that you might want to get a little help from someone who has done it before. Oil changes are fairly easy. There are dozens of DIY videos on Ninja 250 oil and filter changes.

As far as the smoothness of the bike goes it could be a combination of things. (old fuel, dirty air filter, dirty carbs, improper idle speed, operator inexperience)

If you only plan to ride the bike once a month or so, just make sure you keep the bike in good running condition so when you are ready to ride there won't be any problems. Following some Winter Storage Tips can help.
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